Things that don’t really fit elsewhere

Dear Recruiters, If You Send Me a Job Outside My Local Area…

…please acknowledge that it will require relocating!

Thinking About Phone Trees, and an Annoying Call I Had to Make

I came across an article from Nielsen Norman Group titled “The UX of Phone-Tree Systems.” It talks about how to improve the usability of phone trees, those automated systems that give you a list of options and a number to press for each one. It just so happened that I had to use one of these recently, and this article highlighted what found so annoying about that call.

Anatomy of a Job Scam

I almost got caught up in a job scam recently. The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time, and it was pretty similar to what happened to me years ago.

I’ll go through the whole story, and along the way I’ll point out the things that seemed suspicious. Hopefully this will help people avoid this type of scam.

Birthday Fundraiser for Disaster Response

Donate to GlobalGiving’s Hope in Crisis Fund. This fund assists communities affected by crisis, no matter where they are in the world or whether they make the news. Any amount is appreciated.

Tuna Salad (Recipe)

Tuna salad is a simple and delicious dish that goes great in a sandwich or even on its own.

New Blog

I’m starting a blog on this website. I’ve decided to do this for a few different reasons.

S'mores Crispy Rice and Marshmallow Treats (Recipe)

A s’mores twist on crispy rice and marshmallow treats (often known by the brand name “Rice Krispies Treats”). Marshmallows are already part of the usual recipe, so this adds chocolate and graham crackers, giving them a darker color.

Breakfast Burrito (Recipe)

A breakfast burrito is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite breakfast fixings, and it’s easy to adjust to your preferences (or whatever you have in your kitchen).

Sweet French Toast (Recipe)

French toast is a simple dish with just three main ingredients: bread, egg, and milk. Normally it’s golden yellow but this version is dark brown because I’ve added brown sugar. I like it because the sweetness is already inside and you don’t need to add any syrup.

Carbonara (Recipe)

Spaghetti alla carbonara (or just carbonara) is a rich pasta dish that gets its flavor from generous portions of cured pork, cheese, and black pepper.