Birthday Fundraiser for Disaster Response

Donate to GlobalGiving’s Hope in Crisis Fund. This fund assists communities affected by crisis, no matter where they are in the world or whether they make the news. Any amount is appreciated.

For the past few years during the month of August, I’ve created a birthday fundraiser on Facebook to raise money for various nonprofits. But I’ll be skipping that since I’m making efforts to reduce my reliance on social-media sites.

But I’d like to keep the spirit of giving alive and highlight an organization I think you should donate to. This year, I’m asking for donations to GlobalGiving, an organization that collects funds from donors and sends them to organizations around the world that are doing good in their communities.

GlobalGiving has various disaster response funds, which assist communities affected by crisis, as well as other funds dedicated to specific causes. The Hope in Crisis Fund in particular assists communities that may be underserved by other aid efforts.

In previous fundraisers on Facebook I’ve matched people’s donations, but I can’t track donations here so I’ll simply make an unconditional $50 donation to the fund.

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Philip Chung
Philip Chung
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