Software developer with 5 years of experience delivering enterprise full-stack Web applications, with a strong focus on quality and attention to detail. Fast learner, adaptable to various environments and technologies, skilled in communicating with diverse stakeholders.


Backend Web development
C#, ASP.NET Core, .NET Framework, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB
Frontend Web development
Vue, React, Angular, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript
Cloud infrastructure
Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bash scripting


Professionally Active Career Break
July 2023 – Present
  • Laid off due to company acquisition
  • Volunteered as Web developer for art and community event with 1000+ attendees annually, developing applications and APIs to manage registrations using ASP.NET Core and Angular
  • Continued to learn new technologies, documenting experiences on personal blog
Applications Developer
July 2022 – July 2023 Remote
  • Developed Web applications and APIs with Vue and ASP.NET Core to manage 1000+ self-storage facilities nationwide
  • Provided support for user-reported issues, documenting causes and remedies in detail
  • Launched new application for facility access control, halving setup times for new facilities
Software Development Engineer I–II
December 2018 – March 2022 Irvine, California (remote since March 2020)
  • Promoted in June 2021 for excellence in leading technical discussions and troubleshooting systems
  • Developed microservice REST Web APIs with ASP.NET Core and .NET Framework, enabling delivery of health and beauty products to 10M+ customers worldwide
  • Deployed Web APIs in cloud-based environments with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Launched new delivery options with over a dozen parcel carriers, working with international stakeholders to reduce shipping costs for customers
  • Addressed incidents quickly in mission-critical always-on systems, and identified root causes in post-incident discussions to improve reliability
  • Developed configuration tools with React to enable simpler parcel carrier setup
Software Engineer
May 2018 – November 2018 Irvine, California
  • Developed Windows application with C#, C++, WPF, and WinForms to design and analyze electrical power systems for 20,000+ customers worldwide
  • Documented all changes according to strict quality processes with regular external audits


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science