School Stuff

A few things from school which may be useful

x86 ASM: Intel to AT&T

Computer Science 240 (assembly programming) at Cal State Fullerton uses MASM, but programming on Linux requires an open-source assembler, usually GAS (GNU Assembler). This is a quick guide for those who have taken CS 240 (or are otherwise familiar with MASM) to start coding with GAS.

Getting Started with Maxima

Maxima is a free and open-source computer program that lets you perform analytical and numerical calculations in various areas of mathematics. It’s an alternative to commercial proprietary programs for mathematical calculation (think Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB). It can probably replace Wolfram Alpha for calculations.

Some Programs for Math 55

These are numerical methods for approximating solutions to first-order differential equations, originally written for my differential equations class, Spring 2015, at Pasadena City College.

Why Not Wolfram Alpha?

This page is outdated. When I first wrote this back in 2015, the main frustration I had was that Wolfram Alpha sometimes didn’t understand what I was asking, while Maxima can take a calculation in unambiguous mathematical notation. In the years since, Wolfram Alpha seems to have gotten better at understanding requests and it has also introduced a “math input” mode. As a result, the main disadvantage of Wolfram Alpha I point out here is no longer valid.

Pi Day 2015

The Pi Day conference was Thursday, March 26, at Pasadena City College. Thanks for stopping by!

Screenshot of Salvato

Salvato is a digital metronome program. You can use it to keep time for yourself or figure out the time of a piece you’re listening to.

This was originally created for my “Music Appreciation” (Music 21) class, Fall 2014, at Pasadena City College.

Computer Information Systems 10
Spreadsheet with two rows and three columns. Cell A1 contains the text "Labs Assigned", cell A2 contains the number 6, cell B1 contains the text "Labs Completed", cell B2 contains the number 6, cell C1 contains the text "Status", and cell C2 contains the formula '=IF(B2<A2, "Labs Not Complete", "Labs Complete")''

Resources for my “Introduction to Information Systems” class, Spring 2014, at Pasadena City College.