Screenshot of Salvato

Salvato is a digital metronome program. You can use it to keep time for yourself or figure out the time of a piece you’re listening to.

This was originally created for my “Music Appreciation” (Music 21) class, Fall 2014, at Pasadena City College.

To run the program, you need Java (version 6 or later). Most computers should already have it, but you should check at (and download it if you don’t have it yet).

After that, just download Salvato. It’s a single file, no installation required. Just double-click to open it.

Programmers can also download the source code (or clone it using Git). Salvato is free and open-source, so feel free to change and improve it.

Trivia: Why “Salvato”?

“Salvato” is the Italian word for “rescued” or “saved”, and it’s a play on “rubato”, a musical term that literally means “robbed”.

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Philip Chung
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