Thinking About Phone Trees, and an Annoying Call I Had to Make

I came across an article from Nielsen Norman Group titled “The UX of Phone-Tree Systems.” It talks about how to improve the usability of phone trees, those automated systems that give you a list of options and a number to press for each one. It just so happened that I had to use one of these recently, and this article highlighted what found so annoying about that call.

Making Open Data Machine-Usable

Open data is data (like statistical and scientific data) that is free to use by anyone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, new data is coming from all directions on a daily basis.

One important aspect of open data is making sure that it can be used by computers. Computers make it much easier to collect and analyze data in order to find trends and make predictions, which is crucial in responding to a crisis.

Things That Frustrate Me About Mobile Websites

Like countless others, I use a smartphone to access the Internet. Part of that is through a mobile Web browser. Aside from the usual frustrations of a small screen and a limited keyboard, there are some things that are entirely on the website and its developers.