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When Your Car Has No Aux Port

I bought a new car in 2020, and while I was test-driving it, I noticed something missing: an auxiliary audio (“aux”) port.

Why I (Still) Use a Portable Music Player

I still use a portable music player (sometimes called an “MP3 player”) to listen to my music.

Tuna Salad (Recipe)

Tuna salad is a simple and delicious dish that goes great in a sandwich or even on its own.

New Blog

I’m starting a blog on this website. I’ve decided to do this for a few different reasons.

S'mores Crispy Rice and Marshmallow Treats (Recipe)

A s’mores twist on crispy rice and marshmallow treats (often known by the brand name “Rice Krispies Treats”). Marshmallows are already part of the usual recipe, so this adds chocolate and graham crackers, giving them a darker color.

Breakfast Burrito (Recipe)

A breakfast burrito is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite breakfast fixings, and it’s easy to adjust to your preferences (or whatever you have in your kitchen).

Sweet French Toast (Recipe)

French toast is a simple dish with just three main ingredients: bread, egg, and milk. Normally it’s golden yellow but this version is dark brown because I’ve added brown sugar. I like it because the sweetness is already inside and you don’t need to add any syrup.

Carbonara (Recipe)

Spaghetti alla carbonara (or just carbonara) is a rich pasta dish that gets its flavor from generous portions of cured pork, cheese, and black pepper.

Fun with Answers to Security Questions Using Diceware

Security questions are questions about personal details (like, “What was your first car you drove?” and, “What was the first concert you attended?”) that are meant to help recover your account in case something happens like you forgot your password.

As Wired writes, security questions are insecure. Why? It boils down to two things:

A COVID-19 Vaccine and What This Means for the Future

The FDA recently authorized the use of a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States. Here are some of my thoughts on what this means for the pandemic and the future.