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Why I (Still) Use a Portable Music Player

I still use a portable music player (sometimes called an “MP3 player”) to listen to my music.

Fun with Answers to Security Questions Using Diceware

Security questions are questions about personal details (like, “What was your first car you drove?” and, “What was the first concert you attended?”) that are meant to help recover your account in case something happens like you forgot your password.

As Wired writes, security questions are insecure. Why? It boils down to two things:

Making Open Data Machine-Usable

Open data is data (like statistical and scientific data) that is free to use by anyone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, new data is coming from all directions on a daily basis.

One important aspect of open data is making sure that it can be used by computers. Computers make it much easier to collect and analyze data in order to find trends and make predictions, which is crucial in responding to a crisis.

E-mail Formatting Tips

E-mail may not be as prevalent as it was in the last millennium, but it still has its place, especially in professional settings. Here are some tips on formatting, based on my own experience dealing with e-mail.

How to Build Sonic Pi in a Debian Jessie Chroot

(All the nitty-gritty details, ironed out after hours of frustration)

Sonic Pi is a music synthesizer powered by code. Instead of playing on a keyboard and turning knobs, a performer writes code on the fly. To progress the music, change the code. I’ve been trying to explore ways to perform music live for some time, and combining music and code is too good for me to overlook.

My First Experience with “Modern” PHP Development

(Following all these software design “best practices” is tough. Am I missing something? Am I asking too much?)

I finally decided to dive into “modern” PHP development, with all the tools it’s acquired since I started coding in PHP. Along the way, I’ve tried to apply those best practices in software design I’ve heard about.

Things That Frustrate Me About Mobile Websites

Like countless others, I use a smartphone to access the Internet. Part of that is through a mobile Web browser. Aside from the usual frustrations of a small screen and a limited keyboard, there are some things that are entirely on the website and its developers.